Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Arizona Smooth

It must be the season for articles about the mainstreaming of the bald-by-choice look. has this article about shaving in Arizona. Like yesterday's article, this one tells a number of stories. For instance:
But when T. Cook's pastry chef Pierino Jermonti opted for the bald look five years ago, it marked a complete turnaround. When he was a teenager, Jermonti worked as a hair model.

"I used to have a lot of hair," he recalls. "But the older I got, the hair just wasn't that great."Initially, he fought to keep a full head of hair. First came a hairpiece. A few years later, he opted for a hair transplant. A scar on the rear of his head is a reminder of that procedure.

After going smooth, though, he felt as if he had found himself.

"I have to shave every day," he says. "When I'm shaved, I feel stronger. Your attitude and everything else is just better."Plus, it makes a man look younger, Greene says.

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