Wednesday, March 09, 2005

World's Greatest Shave

Friday, March 11th, 2005 will be a busy day in barbershops across Australia, as the World's Greatest Shave gets underway. The Daily Liberal has an article about some student efforts in this event:
Colouring your hair bright orange and then shaving it off a week later is a "small price to pay" for a good cause, says local student Darren Oen.

The Charles Sturt University residential advisor is among a group of the university's students who have jumped at the chance to raise money and support those affected by cancer.

Leg, back and stomach waxing, head shaving, hair colouring and face painting are all part of the mini makeovers that local residents are invited to undergo this Friday at the leukemia foundation's World's Greatest Shave, organised by student residents at the university.
The Northern Daily Leader has an article about the Tamworth Regional Council buzzing their hair down too. This group includes a couple of law enforcement officers.
You could also put your own neck on the chopping block and go bald for cancer. Senior compliance officer Ross Briggs heads up the council challenge for the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave.

"We had decided that one of our rangers, Nathan Peacock, had had too much hair for too long and he needed to leave the 80s behind," Mr Briggs said.

"This is a great cause and we're hoping we can get plenty of people to join us. We'll be glad to take people's money from them. They can donate to the cause, or get shaved or just go a mad colour, or just come down and watch and cheer us all on, anything to help."
The World's Greatest Shave has been mentioned before, too.

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