Saturday, March 19, 2005

Electric shaving history

Yesterday (March 18th) was a significant day in the history of shaving. According the the US Census Bureau, it's the day that Schick began marketing the first electric shaver back in 1931.
One thing men of today have in common with those of the past is the decision to either shave or grow a beard. Until 1931, if the decision was to shave, the only choice was a wet shave with a safety razor. On this day that year, the Schick Company began marketing the first electric razor. The safety razor had been around for about 30 years and was a great improvement over the dangerous straight razor. As more homes became electrified, the market was ripe for an efficient electric razor to provide a quick, dry shave and the device proved to be an immediate hit. Today, more than 7-million electric razors are among the small, electric housewares made each year in the U.S., worth some 2.5-billion dollars.

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