Monday, March 21, 2005

Changing outlooks

JohnsonFrom the South Bend Tribune, this story that follows up on an item mentioned back in December.

Back then, Chandra Johnson shaved her head to protest the firing of a colleague at Notre Dame University.
At the time, Johnson said she would remain bald until the football team wins a national championship. Her attitude about that has changed a bit.

Johnson's scalp remains smoothly shaved. She leaves her head bare most of the time, but wears a hat or an African-style turban when outdoors or at official university functions.

"It's unlikely I will grow it back, even if we did win a national championship," she said a few days ago. The act of shaving her head "helps me to understand better what we do in living in a world that fails to see the goodness in all people," she said.

She also likes the fact that being bald saves time. "Wrapping it takes a second," she said.

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