Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Baldly Go

The website Baldly Go presents a free hair-loss solution:
Instead of.. Doing a hair replacement; transplant; spray; drugs; wearing a wig; blaming your wife; telling people that it's a temporary thing; going to the gym; trying some strange hair loss treatments; seeing a psychologist; doing a headstand; yoga; praying; crying; telling everybody that you are loaded with testosterone;paying for expansive hair loss treatment; doing a research; using creams etc...

You can simply shave your head and look better than ever!
One question I'm often asked is, "How will I look if I shave my head?" Baldly Go offers a solution for this question, as well: send the site owner your photo, and he'll remove your hair virtually. He's also got a gallery of before & after shots which is quite good.

All in all, a great site to visit if you're thinking about shaving but aren't sure if you really want to go through with it. Check it out.


Sharon Stone said...

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Rebecca Gellar said...

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