Monday, March 07, 2005

The Bald Chick

MJMJ has been shaving her head for 3 years, and she likes it. She likes it enough that she's put up a website called The Bald Chick. She likes it enough that she's written a book (currently unpublished). She even likes it enough to put it on a t-shirt. After all, what's not to like?
Whatever their initial gut reaction is, though, I'd bet cash money that what they all want to know, perhaps despite themselves, is this one simple thing: why the #$&@! did I shave my head? Why in the world would a seemingly intelligent, relatively rational young woman shave her head? It's a valid question. While seeing a man with a proudly shaven head strolling down the street has become quite common, a woman is another matter entirely. My shiny pate seems to cause not only questions, but also incredulity, alarm, and sometimes even anger.
Women who shave their heads are often judged negatively, which is unfortunate. If more people take pride in it, as MJ does, perhaps that will change. Good luck, MJ.

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