Friday, January 28, 2005

Something of a headshave lottery

Found an interesting story in the Herald Standard the other day. Holding a headshave to raise money and support friends isn't new, but the staff and students of Bethlehem-Center High School in Pennsylvania have put an interesting twist on it.
Exactly how many students will go under the clippers depends on how much money is raised to help the family of Brandon Statzula, an otherwise healthy and popular student athlete from Malden, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatments at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

All this week, Dr. Richard Martin, principal for the Beth-Center High School, will be making announcements and encouraging those who want to make a donation to do so. For every $50 that is collected, a name will be picked and a volunteer will have their head shaved.
On top of that, if they manage to raise $1000, the principal's head will also be shaved.

It's a creative way to go about it. Good luck, guys.

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