Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Shaving as hassle

In an article in the Oregon State daily Barometer, Darrin Crescenzi talks about the hassles of shaving.

When you are growing up, shaving is one of those ultimate steps to manhood that we all aspire to reach. Our daddies do it, the guy on the Schick commercial does it, and someday, when we are all grown up, we will do it too.


Your dad, that guy in the Schick commercial -- they don't tell you that the process of shaving your face can be one of the most painfully terrifying experiences that you'll ever have. That, and you'll have to repeat it every day for the rest of your life.

There's nothing like running your cheek down a cheese grater to start your morning off right.
It sounds like Darrin needs to work on his shaving technique, or at least pick up some shaving oil and a Mach 3 (or a Quattro, since he seems to be a Schick man).

Shaving can be a hassle, of course. Darrin was taking a break from shaving his face and enjoying the time away from his razor. I've taken breaks like that too, letting my hair grow for up to a month. It can be very refreshing.

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