Thursday, January 13, 2005

Outrageously Smooth

So, does the image of a bald woman sell liquor?
The commercial featured a girl in a bath who asks her boyfriend to shave her. Her thighs are seen rising out of water as she submerges her head in a fit of giggles - the image of swirling water turns into swirling Blavod Black Vodka. In the next scene we see the boyfriend preparing two glasses of the Blavod before removing a towel on the girls head to reveal that it is here that the shaving took place, rather than lower down, as had been insinuated. The slogan "Outrageously Smooth" then appears on screen.
That's from a press release mentioning an ad campaign for Vodka that played in the UK this past year. I haven't seen the commercial myself.

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