Friday, January 21, 2005

Mailbag: More positive reinforcement

Following up on a previous post, here's some more positive comments I've received from people who shaved their heads for the first time. This first one's from John:
My wife loves it! I'd been begging for her approval about shaving my head for two years and gotten a VERY negative response. (You married guys know what I'm talking about. No major decisions without prior consent!) That is, until yesterday. Out of no where, after years of saying I'd look like a goon, she said she thought I'd look good bald so I should do it ASAP! I sent her your link a month ago but figured she never even checked it out. Now she won't leave me alone. Although I find it a bit embarrassing, she's calling everyone telling them about it.
For many guys, the decision to shave or not to shave is at least partially up to their wives. I'm glad it worked out for John.
I wrote you about a month ago about shaving my head for the first time. Well, I did it and everyone likes it, and says it looks much better than hair on the sides. And people love touching the bald and smoothly shave scalp. Everyone told me why didn't I do it in the first place. I told them I didn't know how people would react. They told me not to worry what people think, its your hair and no one else's. As long as you feel comfortable with it, don't worry.
That one covers my philosophy in a nutshell. You can't please everyone with your appearance, but you should at least try to be comfortable with yourself.

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