Monday, January 17, 2005

Hockey player's hair shaved by fan

Shaved by a fanFrom HeraldNet news comes this charming story of a hockey player's efforts to raise money by shaving his head.
In the middle of the Everett Events Center hockey rink Sunday evening, Mark Kress' tresses were sheared by one of his biggest fans.

Snohomish resident Barbara Lipp won the right to wield the clippers in an online auction at the Silvertips' Web site. After the first period of the game, Lipp helped cut the hockey player's mane, which he was growing long to raise money for charity.
Mrs. Lipp hadn't even bid herself; her husband had done it so that she could have the honour of shaving her favorite player's hair off.

Kress had hoped to have his hair long enough to donate it to another charity, but didn't quite make the required 10 inches length.
Though the player ended up about an inch short of being able to donate his hair to Locks of Love, he decided to go ahead with the haircut after meeting his goal of raising $10,000, said Silvertips Spokesman Keith Gerhart.
To everyone involved: way to go!

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