Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Showing support

Two stories of people shaving their heads to support someone else.

From the Bay City Times, we get the first one. When Joshua Jasman wanted to shave his head rather than lose his hair to chemotherapy, his friend Jacob Rytlewski decided to join him.
"When I found out Joshua was shaving his head, I decided to do it with him. I wanted some way to show my support," said Rytlewski, who joined Jasman for the haircut at Jasman's home last week.


"He didn't want to lose his hair in clumps," said Joshua's mother, Michelle Jasman, on his decision to shave his head. "It was a great surprise, that Jacob would do it too."
And from KSL TV, the story of Police and Firefighters standing together.
South Jordan Police Officer Ryan Meng recently underwent a risky 12-hour procedure to fix lingering problems caused by an aneurysm he suffered 16 months ago. It was his second brain surgery in six months.

To show their support for the 27-year-old Meng, about 30 male members of the city's police and fire departments shaved their heads.

Meng says the head-shaving gesture symbolized how all the officers in the department are there for one another.
Way to support each other, guys.

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