Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bald women blogging

Bald Ladies' Journal is a LiveJournal blog community for women who shave their heads. I found the following notice on their front page interesting:
Community membership is closed in an attempt to keep those here solely for fetish purposes out.
I know from personal experience that there is a large hair fetishist community out there. When I added a Women's section to my site a while back, traffic jumped dramatically. Alas, it wasn't from women who wanted information about how to shave their heads (which is what the section on my site was intended for), instead it was a bunch of guys who wanted to see pictures of bald women.

I don't personally care what other people are into: it's a wide-open world, after all. But pretty soon, comments to a log entry I had made on the subject consisted primarily of guys trying to meet bald women, giving out phone numbers, trying to arrange meets, and other stuff that goes well beyond what I had intended for my site.

So good luck to the Bald Ladies' Journal. I hope everything goes well for the community.

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Bald Women said...

It is very unusual to see ladies that goes for the bald hair style.