Friday, April 12, 2002

The advantages of stubble

Dave Attell is a pretty funny guy. He's got a show called Insomniac that I enjoy watching. His humour can be a bit coarse at times, and so can his head.

Dave shaves his head, but he doesn't shave it all the way down. It's just really, really short. Stubble-length hair. And it suits him.

Personally, I enjoy shaving my head all the way down. I think it looks great, and I find it very comfortable. But I have to admit, the stubble thing has its advantages too.

Going stubble length means you can take longer between shaves. After a week or two, your hair is still really short. If you're shaving smooth, you have to shave several times a week. A stubble man can save a lot of time.

And since you don't need to shave with a blade, it's an easy way to avoid nicks, cuts, razor burn, razor bumps, and any other problems that can arise with blade shaving.

In short, the stubble-length haircut is a lot more practical than a smoothly-shaved head. It's easier to maintain, but still offers most of the advantages that other bald-by-choice people enjoy. For those who don't want to shave all the way (for whatever reason), the shaved-to-stubble look is a great alternative.

When I go on vacation, I often go the stubble route. It gives me more time to enjoy the vacation experience. And if I'm staying with friends, this means I won't be monopolizing the bathroom as much as I do at home.

Of course, I still think the smoothly-shaved head looks better, but that's just my opinion.

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